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1995 – Stroykomplekt (STK) establishment.

1996 – STK starts its operation with tarpaulin semi-trailers.

1997 – STK switches its activity in refrigerated transport.

2000 – STK is in possession of fleet from 2 refrigerated trucks.

2002 – STK expands by 2 more refrigerated trucks.

2003 – STK specializes in transportation of pharmaceutical products to Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia.

2005 – STK starts an expansion of its fleet.

2007 – STK begins active transports in European Union.

2008 – STK already operates by own fleet from 35 refrigerated trucks. Company starts its specialization in FMCG sector.

2009 – STK becomes a member of nationally presented workers’ organization and in the social dialogue with the state at the relevant levels

2010 – STK equips its fleet with GPRS system for track and trace in real time.

2011 – STK starts equipment of its fleet with data loggers for real time monitor and control of temperatures. 

2012 – STK is operating by own fleet from 45 refrigerated trucks. It is servicing leading companies in Pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors in Europe.

2013 – STK starts an LTL service of control temperature goods from BG/RO/GR/TR to Europe and back.

2014 – STK becomes a GDP and ISO 9001 certificated carrier.

2015 – STK expands by 50 more refrigerated trucks and become a leading company from the region.

2016 – STK implements an ERP Management system.

2017 – STK starts logistics and crossdocking services in Bulgaria. 

2019 – STK continues to strengthen its position in Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Food & Beverage sectors. It is already specialized in transportation of pharmaceuticals, biscuits and chocolates, dairy products, meats, fruits & vegetables, etc.

2020 – STK’s fleet consists of 100% trucks with the highest level of environmental class type “EURO 6”.

2021 – STK begins an active work on decarbonization of its activity.

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