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Company is specialized in transportation of pharmaceutical products under GDP.

We offer complete transports (FTL) and groupage transports (LTL).

We have very good experience in work of “full cold chain” system.

We perform transports of dangerous goods (ADR).

We operate with following equipment:

  • Standard semi-trailers (33 euro pallets capacity)
  • Bi-temperature semi-trailers (2 temperature zones)
  • Double-deck semi-trailers (66 euro pallets capacity)
  • Double-deck semi-trailers, inclusive of bi-temperature ones (66 euro pallets capacity with 2 temperature zones)



We offer full range of logistics services in Bulgaria as:   

  • Distribution by trucks with capacity from 1 euro pallet up to 66 euro pallets. 
  • Packing and Labeling.
  • Warehousing of goods under different temperature regimes (cameras from -25 till +25 degrees C), as well as general goods.
  • Cross-dock services.



  • GPS system for trace and track the shipments in real time.
  • 24/7 temperature control and monitoring of the transported goods.
  • TAPA compliance processes.
  • CEMT licenses valid for all EKMT/CEMT member countries, allowing us to perform transports to/from countries, which are non-European Union members during the whole year.
  • The Company pays special attention to the maintenance of the automobile fleet, which is performed in first class corporate workshop stations with 24/7 service.
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